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You can find Neurokode many places on the internet beyond our corporate web presence at Find us at:


From time to time we develop tools that we make openly available to community. You can find those projects at our open source website at:


Since 2003 we have been helping businesses and individuals just like you reach their potential through our solutions. From Website Development to Product Prototyping our clients have gained both flexibility and that competitive edge by getting exactly what they needed in a solution instead of wrapping their business around what was available. Below we have organized a short and varied list of solutions that we have delivered for our clients! If you would like more information about getting your own custom solution, please contact us!

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Over the years we have seen many similar problems from a variety of clients. In each case we have found their unique solution to help them grow, and in the process we began to develop a series of products that address these common needs! If you would like more information on the items below or a free quote on any of these for your business, please Contact Us.

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